Without a Judgement

As I mentioned long ago, we play cricket on the morning of every weekend. There is a creek passing outside the ground and sometimes the ball reaches there after a nicely struck six. One beautiful morning, I went to fetch one such ball. There was a tree at the corner of the creek. I was searching for the ball and moved the bushes sideways. In this process, I mistakenly broke one branch of the tree hanging downwards.

And then I saw the ball. Picking the ball up from the depth while bending, my foot slipped and I was about to fall. As a reflex action, my arm moved and I grabbed a thick branch of the same tree. It saved me from slipping and taking a fall a few meters down.

And I was surprised. Without passing any judgement on me breaking one branch, the tree just stood there helping me with the other branch. It was just there! I looked at the tree with respect. I want to follow that lead. Any human would not have done it. We analyze opinions, harbour grudges, pass judgements and set scores. Do we need to unlearn a few of our animalistic instincts? I think that the answer is yes.

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