Why Writing Goals on Bathroom Mirror Works

Numerous self help professionals emphasize on writing your goals on the bathroom mirror. While one might think that remembering them in our minds and looking at them on the mirror are the same, they are actually not. Most people say that the this process activates the power of subconscious brain which dictates the actions we take during the day.

In a way, this concept is related to a post I wrote long ago on thinking clearly through writing where I used the analogy of a light bulb to explain this concept: Ideas get transferred from the mind to the hand on to the page/screen which in turn gets read by our eyes and sent back into the mind as input, thus completing the loop. This flow of invisible ‘current’ then illuminates our mind similar to that light bulb.

In essence, this all comes down to programming a human mind. I have thought about ways to program the mind and this closed-loop process repeated everyday seems to be the best course of action to me. From my experience of computer programming , I will write more about this issue in the future since I can detect some parallels between the two.

Finally, I highly recommend people who cannot control their anger to write these two rules on their bathroom mirror and observe the changes in their behaviour after three or so months.

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