When Sleep can be Bad for Health

One day I took a short break from working on my laptop and shut it down. The computer closed all the documents and programs it was running in the background, erased all of its short term memory and switched itself off from outside world – including power and Internet. The system was dead.

On another occasion, I pressed the sleep button instead of shutting it down. The computer saved its current state of affairs in its short term memory and transitioned itself to a low-energy state.

It was then I found the problem with my sleep. I go to bed while retaining in my short term memory the current state of affairs – including unnecessary garbage in the form of worries and sometimes even negative thoughts in my head.

Precisely, I don’t shut myself down.

Sleeping with an uncleared short term memory does not give the body and brain their much needed rest. Consequently, this kind of sleep becomes bad for our health.

To have a blissful sleep, shut yourself down. Leave all the worries and happenings of the day behind you. Break connections and switch off.

Fall dead and arise alive. Make peace with the world before going to bed and you will wake up at peace with it.

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