What Made You Think This Time It’s Different

An interesting thought hit me a few days ago. I was thinking about how I have been able to understand a few concepts I never knew earlier. Probably I was so stupid and now I am getting wiser, my mind told me.

Then, I asked myself this question. Don’t you feel the same every passing year when comparing with your old self? What made you think this time it’s different?

In reality, this whole life is a continuous process of growth. Next year, I will be thinking the same thought. And that adjusted my rear view mirror.

Some related thoughts:

  • In one way, it is related to a previous post about forming conclusive opinions.
  • Sometimes I wonder which good habits I am losing with time. Usually we are not aware of any due to excessive love we carry for ourselves, but nothing stands still in the universe. If we are growing with time in some aspects, we must be losing in a few others. I will later write about a process for cementing good habits forever.

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