Wait for the Receptive Mode

A mistake higher-than-average IQ people regularly commit is to jump into a situation with their potent and logical arguments. They try to make people around (e.g, kids and spouses) understand how they should react in a certain way. Very often, this leads to undesired results. I remember reading something like the following.

When someone is drowning, that is not the time to give swimming lessons.

For example, the first thing parents look for when a child is behaving in a completely unreasonable manner is to find out whether the child is hungry, thirsty, tired or sleepy. Most often than not, satisfying the biological need leads to a normal behaviour later.

I realized that this is a special case of a general concept. This general concept is that a person is in a receptive mode only at certain times. This mostly happens when all their biological needs are completely satisfied and they are feeling at a general peace with life. This is when a logical discussion leads to a constructive conclusion. Otherwise a state of physical or emotional pain is like a solid wall through which nothing can pass.

Imagine this process as a mental window which opens only at certain times during a day. This is when that person is receptive to outside ideas. So it is best is to hold our ideas and advices for the receptive moments instead of coming up with the right way of doing things all the time.

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