Virus Interface

Two viruses

The recent coronavirus pandemic has altered the world forever as well as our ways of thinking. Governments and organizations will perform planning and preparation in a different manner from now onwards. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the prevalence of computing across domains, I started to think along the tangents of possibilities and their future consequences.

One real possibility is the following. We know now that certain tiny lifeforms are lurking untapped in the animal world and are tested in medical laboratories. Furthermore, the use of machine learning to speed up the set processes will now have an increasingly larger role in more and more biology labs which are connected securely through computer networks. There is a chance that a certain program, say a computer virus with the capability to reprogram itself also through advanced algorithms, can experiment on deliberately unleashing a deadly real virus on the world, sometimes as simply as disabling a touchless soap dispenser. While the claims of coronavirus escaping a Wuhan lab seem exaggerated, we are standing at the doorstep of similar scenarios. An even scarier thought is that there will be no trace to a culprit if that scenario does unfold. History would only say that catastrophe happened due to many innovations coming together at the `right time’ and behaving in an unintended manner.

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