Updating My Favorite Fruit and Everything Else

My favorite fruits are, or used to be, (1) leechy, and (2) mangoes. This winter we had an exceptional quality of oranges available in Melbourne markets. So I ate more oranges this time than any other in my life.

I was enjoying the delicious oranges in both sunny and rainy afternoons. One day while feeling the splash of juice in my mouth, I had this thought that orange could have been my favorite fruit ever. But why was it not?

Gradually it became clear to me that it is because I have already identified with leechy and mango as my favorites. Can I change it or can I not? The decision once taken in my childhood was hardwired in my brain now. And became part of my self just like my height and hair color. But it need not be like that.

I certainly can update my list of favorite things as I progress through the life and encounter newer and newer experiences.

Actually this is a more general concept and this is how most of us spend our lives, identifying with things and ideas that are immutable. That is why religious and political debates never end, favorite football clubs or sports teams have astonishingly loyal fans.

What if we do not have a list of items that define us, including little things such as a favorite fruit? What if we try to update it every two years. Can we update our views in other walks of life as well? Is our identity written in stone for the rest of our lives?

Maybe we will become more open and welcoming to newer experiences with a happy attitude if we keep the option of a positive change open, be curious like a child and update a few concepts and habits as we go along.

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