Turning Ideas into Reality

Every human being is creative. Many a times we have good ideas that never get translated into actions and consequently never materialize. GTD framework is a great tool in clearing the task queue, as well as the projects broken down into a list of tasks. However, one can still end up implementing the list and thinking after a year how something really important is not moving forward, such as steering life into a new direction through a major project. There always seems to be no timeslot left in life.

In that respect, a higher layer of thinking is required on our part. We have to recognize that we only do things that are at the top in our priority list. This is simple: something that is not a high priority does not get done. An indicator of priority is the presence of an item in Now tag instead of Next or Later in GTD framework.

It is important to know that quite often, priorities to different tasks and projects are not being assigned by our conscious brain only. There are a lot of other factors around which determine our emotions, fears and desires and consequently our priorities.

There are 2 techniques one can employ to transform his or her ideas into actions that can lead to desired results.

  1. Write your goal on a card and paste it on your bathroom mirror: Or just use an erasable marker to write it directly on that mirror. This is how you will see it first thing in the morning, last thing in the night and sometimes in between. Nobody really knows why it works but it works so well to move that ball rolling that it is almost a law like gravity.
  2. Write down an exact date for its completion as well: Or completion of its intermediate tasks. 80/20 rule applies to our life in many forms such as creating focus and becoming more creative. However, Jeff Olson in his highly recommended book The Slight Edge describes another very interesting instance of 80/20 rule, which says that

    80% of everything you do tends to get done in the last 20% of the time available! If you don’t create a concrete deadline, that last 20% never seems to arrive. And you’re always living in the 80% time that says, “some day …”.

Remember that only those thoughts create things that get permanently settled in your mind. And they can change your life forever.

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