Time-Varying Worth of Things

When my son is displeased with me, he says

Fine. No more stickers for Papa. Even no more kissies.

I laugh and everyone around laughs: Probably he doesn’t know how little value these things hold for the adults, right?

Actually I’m wrong. In my heart of hearts, I know that if I live long enough to become an old man, I would never miss the luxury car I never drove. I will also never miss the luxury house I never lived in or any other material gratification.

I, however, am definitely going to miss 5 kisses one little boy used to plant around my face in a semicircle. I am certainly going to miss the small stickers I used to find pasted on my laptop and on my shirts.

This is a place where we adults are so wrong and young children are so right. They value what needs to be valued and while profession and busyness go hand in hand with life, keeping the priorities clear always helps.

Sometimes I wish he and I always stay like we are. This is not going to happen and time will take its natural course of strengthening his weak bones and weakening my strong bones. The takeaway: I should enjoy every little moment I get to spend with him. Today is the day!

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