There is a Method that Works

The previous post was New Problems are Your Friends where we said that new problems should continuously arise as a sign of boundaries being pushed – as far as your circle of influence is concerned. And that you should welcome these friends with a smile.

It is very natural then that the current article is about the solution. Here is a quote for which I couldn’t locate a proper reference.

There is a method that works. Find it.

Just like I reached this conclusion a long time ago, I am sure that almost every person has also independently discovered it at some point in their life. If there is a problem that needs to be solved, the most crucial role is played neither by the available resources, nor the abilities of the persons involved, but by the belief that there must be some solution available which could be found through enough determination, courage and resolve.

This belief in a method that is invisible at the time when the problem arises requires some strength of character. What works in our favor is the infinite possibilities a human mind is capable of thinking. If the first route leads to a dead end, then the second can be tried, then the third, and so on. Having no upper bound on what can devised and applied is the key here, discussed in a different context in a previous post about a lesson to learn from sports.

It really amazes me how this invisible force – the belief – decides how our world will move forward. Mostly, other people and their opinions – whether for or against – are pointless here. You alone are the warrior. Always believe in and stand with yourself.

So next time you find yourself in a hole,

  1. stop digging,
  2. pause for a moment, and
  3. there is a method that works. Find it.

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