The Top Priority

After all these years, I discovered that our whole life plan should revolve around our health. Health is the sun of our solar system.

I remember reading somewhere, “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?” Or that finding no time for exercise is like driving on a highway and finding no time for refuelling. It will catch up with you sooner or later.

I have observed that if a person’s health is under his control, his life is usually under his control. This is the biggest open secret of productive people. It could be due to the reasons that

  • Healthy people find more energy to accomplish tasks.
  • Maintaining health requires sticking to a schedule due to which other goals can also be attained.
  • It requires conquering the lazy self which helps in following other positive activities.

The following logic makes sense to me:

What we want is results. Results come from actions. Actions come from emotions and guided by thoughts. Emotions come from desire. A strong desire develops from a calm feeling of well-being inside the body. And the greatest calm feeling inside the body arises through proper diet with regular exercise.

The question is why many people eat junk food or skip exercise even when they know its significance. Maybe because we see every action as a transaction in terms of our energy and time. When we go to the mall, we only shop for things that we value more than their money price. Similarly, we only perform actions for which we value the output higher than the discomfort of paying our energy and time price.

If we want to make exercise equivalent to a recurring payment like utility bills as opposed to buying random stuff sometimes, we have to make it a habit. A habit by definition is decision – and hence mood – independent. It is done whether we are feeling like doing it or not. Charles Duhigg has written a great book The Power of Habit on this subject.

Finally, I will place health as a number 1 priority, even higher than the family. This is because when one starts losing health, the same person who was once loved by everyone becomes a burden for his or her loved ones. And without their fault!

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