The Hibernation Period

Hibernation period

There is a natural experiment going on in the world at an unprecedented scale. Imagine a psychology or behavioural sciences academic requesting more than a billion people to stay at home for a few months and monitor their lives. Not even the most powerful ruler in the world has that kind of authority. The little Corona virus, however, has caused exactly that and most of us are spending their time at home. Many are doing remote work while kids are getting their school education online. There is an awful lot of time to spend from the morning until the night. We have multiple priorities and are constantly juggling between professional and family responsibilities. I have written about some tips to spend this time before.

In a way, we can say that the human race is going through a hibernation stage. Several animals go in hibernation, the most common example of which is the bears. Bears hibernate in colder months to escape the scarcity of food. They eat more than usual before the colder months to store body fat and come out in spring without losing their muscles.

I hope that if you are reading these lines, you have survived the virus. Now you are going to come out of this hibernation one day and the question is what kind of person you will become during this time. These billion+ people will eventually emerge on very different trajectories. Some will waste their time by watching excessive movies, playing video games and accumulate body fat. Others will keep learning and sharpening their skills while continuing regular exercise.

During this period, many old structures will be broken, after which many new structures will arise. As David Christian said, when we see a new form or structure with new qualities, we are really setting new arrangements of what already existed. Ask yourself this question today: When the hibernation period finishes, what kind of person will you have become? The day and time to act for becoming that person are today and now.

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