The Heaviest Thing in the World

If I think about the heaviest thing in the world, the first things that come to my mind are probably a truck or a train carriage. Thinking beyond, an aircraft carrier in the sea might outweigh most man-made objects. In terms of what we humans can actually lift, the world records could be close to a couple of hundreds of kilograms.

Now I have mentioned before that I usually work for three hours in the early morning. Some time ago, I went on the holidays and kept sleeping as much as I liked. There, I realized that the heaviest thing we humans have made is a simple quilt. It is extremely difficult to lift it from our bodies and get up to do the work in the morning. Very few people probably find that courage to lift it up. That is how they gain the slow momentum that builds by working each day towards a specific goal.

Interestingly, the person I am addressing in this post is myself (like most other articles on this blog, I write the thoughts first for myself and then I expect that the messages would resonate with some percentage of the people reading them). I always thought of myself as having a solid determination since I have been doing the work for years now. Interestingly, with all this background and my own productivity blog, I still need to gather the courage by restarting and showing up each day, whether I feel like doing it or not.

The reader already knows the conclusion but I want to mention it as a reminder again. There is no magic quote, nice article or best-selling book that can permanently program your mind to become productive. This all comes down to fighting the resistance and make the right decision each day.

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