The Cost of Wasting an Hour

Time is money. We have read and heard this on countless number of occasions. It has been documented in numerous research reports that billions of dollars are annually wasted due to employees’ web-browsing, email and social media activities. As the sands of time slowly slip through our hands, we do not respect it in the manner it deserves.

There is always a tomorrow for our most productive self.

Let’s take an example. Assume that I waste 1 hour every day, which is very typical. Over the whole year, it counts up to 365 hours in total (including a wasted hour for each weekend day too). Converting it into productive work hours, I get 365 hours/(40 hours/week), which is approximately equal to 9 weeks of work.

Therefore, the cost of wasting just one hour a day is around 2 months of our productive life every year. Initially, I simply thought of YouTubing and social media as the culprits but later I had a bigger realization that different activities can waste our time on different days, e.g., meetings, TV, excessive gaming, and so on. This implies that each day needs to be carefully analyzed and superfluous activities need to be eliminated.

On a final note, it is not necessary to replace them with a productive output if you are already a productive person. A better approach is to replace that time with nothing.

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