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On Children

Some poems are so simple and self-explanatory that you only read them and enjoy them. Khalil Jibran wrote one such poem on children reproduced below. Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing…
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On Dealing with Problems

For most of my life, I thought that dealing with problems requires a big heart and an attitude to keep doing the work. Then, I came to know something better. Dealing with problems does not require keep pushing in the…
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What We Consume

There are three main ingredient to an excellent health. Exercise Sleep Food Did you ever notice that your health over a period of few weeks is directly affected by what you consume as food? Healthy food generates positive energy and…
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The Secret – Main Idea

The Secret is a controversial book written by Rhonda Byrne which is based on the law of attraction: thinking certain thoughts can change a person’s life in a direct manner. There are many people who believe in this idea and…
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How Much Money You Should Make

optimum level of money

I have observed something very interesting from the people I know about all their efforts around money. Some are making lots of money while others are struggling. It seems to me that there is an optimum level of money depending…
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And Implanting the Ideas

In a previous post, I described how are inadvertently programming the minds of people around us through our words and actions. The next thought was how to deliberately implant your idea into someone’s head where you desire a particular course…
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Programming a Person’s Mind

With every word we speak and every action we perform, we are inadvertently programming the minds of the people around us. This is important not only for the parents whose kids are watching their every move and absorbing their each…
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The Chess Analogy

One of the most beautiful commentaries I have seen on mapping the laws of nature to our mental models is given by the Nobel laureate Richard Feynman in The Pleasure of Finding Things Out. In particular, his analogy of castling…
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Formal vs Informal Clothes

Formal wear

It seems common knowledge that professionals wear business suits in work settings, meetings and conferences. Any less than that and the person seems to have a non-serious attitude about work. On the other hand, engineers and programmers are often known…
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What Makes Humans Different?


This is a question each child asks. What is the main distinguishing factor between us, the humans, and the rest of the living organisms, particularly the animals? It turns out that this difference did not originate from a single characteristic….
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