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A Different Kind of Gadget

In the market these days, there are several different types of gadgets available that can measure and report our blood pressure, heart rate and other such vital signs. The advancement in medicine and signal processing sciences have brought us to…
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Accepting Mistakes

It is natural to think of ourselves as shining beacons of truth and infallibility. There is something in our minds that prevents us from accepting and acknowledging our mistakes. When I find it difficult, I just do what I do…
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Closing the Loop of Listening

In a previous article, I wrote about listening as a skill and how important it is in our daily communication with other people. Today I describe another great benefit of listening more: speaking less. At times I have tried to…
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What Can be Serialized

I have written before an article on the importance of focusing on one task at a time as the best way to produce quality work. I mentioned that one of my favourite books The One Thing takes this mono-focus strategy…
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A Parents’ Guide to Handling a Lockdown


A significant population in the world is currently locked down due to the escalating threat from Corona virus. Like most workers, I am also working from home these days. Being a parent of three kids who are also staying at…
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Connect Early

In 2005, one of my best friends during 12 schooling years passed away in London. It is difficult to forget such events and they remain with you throughout the rest of your life. Just a few days ago, I was…
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Programming a Person’s Mind

With every word we speak and every action we perform, we are inadvertently programming the minds of the people around us. This is important not only for the parents whose kids are watching their every move and absorbing their each…
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On Apocalypto


It might be strange to mention a movie on a website like this. But movies are a form of art and some of them are so mind blowing that they leave an unforgettable impression on our minds. I recently watched…
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Children are People Too

Children are people too is a great parenting book by Louise Porter from which I learned a lot when my kids were born. Here are some of the important takeaways from the book. Fundamentals of a guidance approach – There…
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What Makes Humans Different?


This is a question each child asks. What is the main distinguishing factor between us, the humans, and the rest of the living organisms, particularly the animals? It turns out that this difference did not originate from a single characteristic….
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