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How to Become Antifragile

In a previous post The Wittgenstein’s Ruler, we discussed the concept of Wittgenstein’s Ruler, as explained by Nassem Nicholas Taleb in his brilliant book Fooled by Randomness. Here, we discuss another amazing term he coined, namely antifragiligy in his book…
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The Law of Diminishing Intent

Clock showing the present moment

Recently, I came to know about this wonderful law, the Law of Diminishing Intent, coined by the great Jim Rohn. It says, The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will…
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The Core generator of Productivity

the core

Below is an excerpt from one of my favorite books of all time Fooled by Randomness written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, where instead of summarizing the findings of entire disciplines, he introduced the idea of core generators in the following…
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Ironing Out the Resistance

Every morning is not the same. There are days one is feeling up and energetic, while there are others when one is feeling down and unmotivated. Similarly, there are consecutive weeks or months when the drive to accomplish goals seems…
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The Exact Formula to Accomplish Anything

Many a times, accomplishing a target seems cluttered with too many open details. How to start, how to proceed, and how to keep going are the questions that continuously remain unclear. Here is an exact formula to successfully attain a…
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No One is Coming

One of the most striking truths a person encounters in life is how unimportant they can be in the grand scheme of things. We are the centres of the universe in our eyes but life could not care less about…
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State of Mind

What happens when we bring a drill machine out of the wall after a short time and start drilling somewhere else? In the end, there will be many shallow holes in the wall but exactly zero deep ones. Mind is…
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4 – Take Cold Shower

This is the sixth post in the series of Daily Habits, which is about a listing of useful habits that should be a part of a productive person’s daily routine. To read, you can start here. Taking a cold shower…
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Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation

In general, a person gets motivated either due to an extrinsic reward (outside of that activity), or an intrinsic reward (from inside that acitivity). It has been generally concluded that the extrinsic rewards usually fail to motivate a person (or…
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