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Building Contribution

One question everyone asks themselves is the right use of time. How should we know what to do out of N different projects or undertakings? The answer is immediately not clear. Each person has a unique path in life and…
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A BBC article explains the concept of Sisu as follows. ‘Sisu’ in Finnish means strength, perseverance in a task that for some may seem crazy to undertake, almost hopeless. It has no direct translation in any language (perseverance is incorrect),…
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3 Rules for Getting Ahead

I remember reading the following 3 rules for success somewhere (which I don’t remember). I am calling them 3 rules for getting ahead because success is a complicated topic beyond the simplistic explanations of motivational speakers. Choose something you are…
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On Apocalypto


It might be strange to mention a movie on a website like this. But movies are a form of art and some of them are so mind blowing that they leave an unforgettable impression on our minds. I recently watched…
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Transformation through Tiny Habits

Tiny Habits

B. J. Fogg is a behavior scientist at Stanford University. He has written an excellent book Tiny Habits on transforming the habits through tiny changes by using a simple three-step formula known as ABC of tiny habits. Anchor: The great…
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Pay with the Right Currency

Right currency

On many occasions, I come across a young man or woman who wants to learn a subject or master something. More often than not, they are looking for a shortcut, or at least a straight cut (e.g., a single book,…
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The Heaviest Thing in the World

If I think about the heaviest thing in the world, the first things that come to my mind are probably a truck or a train carriage. Thinking beyond, an aircraft carrier in the sea might outweigh most man-made objects. In…
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Meaning of Grit

We all think that we understand what grit means: it is perseverance. However, there are aspects of grit we do not fully understand. At least I did not until I came across a key message in Angela Duckworth’s book Grit….
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Hard Work is Not a Problem

Some time ago, I had to take a 15 hours flight which I thought would be very boring. I do not like to get trapped in a tube for a long long time without any option to walk or run…
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On Multitasking

From what I know about human productivity, focusing on a single task is the best way to produce quality work. In fact, one of my favourite books The One Thing takes this mono-focus strategy to the highest level possible. One…
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