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2 Rules of Anger Management

There are 2 rules of anger management. Admittedly, I fail here often. If I am angry, I am wrong. If someone is angry, they need love. And that’s it.

A Simple Solution to Many Problems

Suppose that we start writing in a note why the children cried on each occasion. The list will look something like this: Want a plate instead of a bowl Orange marker is lost Other sibling might take a toy Imagine…
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4 Pillars of a Successful Day

The rising and falling of sun is always fascinating, maybe because it is a symbol of our lives in general. Soft and gentle in the start, getting stronger, warmer and fierce until its peak, becoming kind and pleasant later and…
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2 Ways to Become More Creative

Creativity is both a science and an art. I don’t know much about it but I have found the following 2 ways to be the most helpful. Apply 80/20 Rule: As in many areas of life, 80/20 rule can be…
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