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On Apocalypto


It might be strange to mention a movie on a website like this. But movies are a form of art and some of them are so mind blowing that they leave an unforgettable impression on our minds. I recently watched…
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The Lean Startup Summary

In his book The Lean Startup, Eric Ries introduced the build-measure-learn feedback loop as a guide for modern startups. Some of the key takeaways of his approach are as follows. Introduction Lean startup method: 1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere 2. Entrepreneurship…
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My 4-1 Rule of Dealing with Everyday Losses

4-1 rule

Loss aversion is a term in cognitive psychology and decision theory which was identified by Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman who along with Amos Tversky established a cognitive basis for common human errors. It refers to people’s tendency to prefer avoiding…
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Moore’s Law and Human Inefficiency

Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel, predicted in 1965 that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every 18 months. It is not a physical law and instead just a remarkable observation of…
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On Choices Given by Life

Life grants a unique set of circumstances to each person. Most of the people complete a natural cycle of childhood, youth, middle and then finally old ages. Some, however, are not that fortunate. Sometimes my mind shifts towards Air France…
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Effect of Basis Vectors on a Life

The space in geometry is defined by three basis vectors: x, y and z. When we observe any physical object, we are locating its x, y and z coordinates. For example, the device on which you are reading these lines…
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How to Become Competitive

In some areas, I have been a quick learner in my life. Obviously there are many reasons behind each event and the results thus generated. However, looking back on my strengths where I can see that I have succeeded more…
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Justified Blames

When I was a child, one day our teachers took us to a large sports complex for a running competition. Children from many schools were participating and the place was quite packed. My running speed was not the best but…
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How to Invite Luck

Richard Hamming was a renowned American scientist. He gave a talk at Bell Communications Research in March 1986, in which he talked about the relationship between achieving great results and the role of luck: “You can’t always know exactly where…
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