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A Different Kind of Gadget

In the market these days, there are several different types of gadgets available that can measure and report our blood pressure, heart rate and other such vital signs. The advancement in medicine and signal processing sciences have brought us to…
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What Can be Serialized

I have written before an article on the importance of focusing on one task at a time as the best way to produce quality work. I mentioned that one of my favourite books The One Thing takes this mono-focus strategy…
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The Hibernation Period

Hibernation period

There is a natural experiment going on in the world at an unprecedented scale. Imagine a psychology or behavioural sciences academic requesting more than a billion people to stay at home for a few months and monitor their lives. Not…
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A Parents’ Guide to Handling a Lockdown


A significant population in the world is currently locked down due to the escalating threat from Corona virus. Like most workers, I am also working from home these days. Being a parent of three kids who are also staying at…
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Transformation through Tiny Habits

Tiny Habits

B. J. Fogg is a behavior scientist at Stanford University. He has written an excellent book Tiny Habits on transforming the habits through tiny changes by using a simple three-step formula known as ABC of tiny habits. Anchor: The great…
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A Summary of The One Thing

For the past few weeks, I have been writing short summaries of some great books that can help the reader grasp the fundamental concepts within a few minutes. This not only helps a person who has not read that book…
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Capitalize on the Flow


During each productive pusuit, a zone is reached when we are coasting at our full potential and our interface with time and space gets significantly distorted. This is the flow zone that occurs often during some serious hard work or…
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Finding Extra Hours for Personal Growth

My very first article on this website was about the cost of wasting an hour. It turned out that the cost of wasting just one hour a day is around 2 months of our productive life every year. This is…
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In Praise of Wasting Time

In his book In Praise of Wasting Time, author and MIT Professor Alan Lightman emphasizes how important it is to waste time these days in terms of allowing our minds to roam freely in any direction which opens the gates…
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Because We Can ….

Android David conversing with Dr. Holloway

In the great movie Prometheus, the android David engages in a very interesting conversation with Dr. Holloway. Holloway: You think we wasted our time coming here, don’t you? David: Your question depends on me understanding what you hoped to achieve…
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