State of Mind

What happens when we bring a drill machine out of the wall after a short time and start drilling somewhere else? In the end, there will be many shallow holes in the wall but exactly zero deep ones.

Mind is a drill machine as well. If we have any problem to solve, a task to do or a project to accomplish, we can apply this amazing machine to the said assignment to achieve tangible results.

What I have found is that its performance at any given time and/or a given task depends heavily on its current state. Mind works best when it is in a present state. It has memory elements with most recent information and events stored in there which directly affects what we do next. New irrelevant information replaces these elements, just like taking the drill machine out of that hole.

What is this irrelevant information? Today we live in a more connected world than ever. Several platforms simultaneously attract our attention in a way that it is hard to decide which one to check first. Updates are appearing continuously and the anticipation of finding new and interesting stuff keeps us hooked. Emails, social networks, photo sharing and instant messaging apps are all partners in this regard.

It is best to turn off all the updates during the time allocated for important work. And batch these activities together for spare time. In that manner, work will be real work and social connections will become guiltless relaxation.

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