Slavery in the Modern Age

The history of slavery goes back to thousands of years ago when new cities were built and the concept of land ownership started to emerge. The slaves were captured and put to work for their lives, a practice in which no established civilization can escape the blame.

However, times changed and as the value of a human life increased, so did the significance of its freedom in people’s eyes. Today we cannot even think about continuing slavery in most parts of the world.

Despite being born in the 20th century and in a modern city, Adam accepted slavery with his full consent. His master was not as much fierce as he was demanding. Even when Adam wanted to do some other tasks, he was almost always pulled towards something the master dictated. In any case, he was being paid nicely so the routine of his life continued.

Everything changed in the summer of 2007 when the master’s first child was born. In the initial months, the child behaved just like normal children of that age: a lot of sleep and only waking up at times of need. Adam was not needed much with his care.

Gradually the child started understanding his surroundings to some extent. With this heightened awareness came the huge change in his behavior. He was repeatedly crying for Adam’s attention and the time Adam had to spend on babysitting dramatically increased by a large amount. He was literally holding him all the time. Even at night, the child was with him and Adam had to look after him and fulfil his needs before sleeping. Now he couldn’t even spend any quality time with his family any more or look after his own health. The master and his child were taking a huge toll on his life.

The routine continued and Adam became completely fed up. He went to a person he respected for his wisdom and knowledge and asked for a solution to his problem. The wise person advised him to throw the child away and limit the number of hours of service to the master.

This is exactly Adam did. He got rid of his smartphone and limited the time he worked on his laptop, opening windows of time for him to spend with the family, do some exercise and find ways to entertain himself off screen.

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