Secrets of Superachievers

Darren Hardy talking about secrets of superachievers

A while ago, I heard this great talk by Darren Hardy on Secrets of Great Achievers. Darren Hardy is an American author, keynote speaker, advisor, and former publisher of SUCCESS magazine. The talk was so fascinating that I kept taking notes and made a summary of his main points. It is an hour and a half long, but don’t be deterred by the length. It could be one of the best time investments. Also, you can listen to it in multiple sittings.

Below, I write the main points he shared.

  • Don’t do efficiently what should not have been done at all.
  • Focus on the vital few. Suck at many things to get better at what matters.
  • The size of your life is determined by the size of the problems you solve.
  • Half a dozen fundamentals define almost every endeavor, be it parenting, business, sports and so on. The key is finding those half a dozen fundamentals and mastering them.
  • How to do vital few: fiercely protect your time. Set hourly rate equal to 1000000/2000 = 500$/hour.
  • Become a quitter. Find great talent and delegate.
  • Narrowing down to the One Thing has the highest impact.

In summary,

  • Fewer things
  • More often
  • Get better at them

Lion’s syndrome:
Lion sees four legs of bar stool as 4 threats. Too many choices create paralysis. Too many priorities make you a deer in front of the headlights. If you have more than 3 priorities, you haven’t got any.

Avoid distractions
New updates

  • Give relief from concentrated work
  • Quench thirst for novelty
  • We want to be wanted

It takes 11 minutes to regain concentration

  • Go from reacting to everyone’s agenda to creating
  • No multitasking (it’s actually switching)
  • What you don’t use, you lose. Just like muscles. Use your concentration and focus to build those muscles
  • Self-induced multitasking is the number 1 distractor
  • Don’t mistake
    • Movement for Achievement
    • Activity for Productivity
    • Rushing for Results

Control your attention: Control your life

Sprint and recover method. 90 minute jam sessions

  • Create a bubble of silence (remember it takes 11 minutes to get back to focus)
  • Have a countdown clock
  • Disciplined and intermittent recovery. Game changing mindset shift: You’re paid to rest


  • Make Success a routine like brushing
  • Invest 10% of your money back into personal development. 3000% return
  • Pick one skill and attack it
  • Go fail a lot, go fail big and go fail fast (the key to success is massive failure). Whole idea of success of to avoid failure? That’s wrong

The Pendulum Analogy

  • Life is like a pendulum. On one side of the pendulum, there is pain, rejection, sadness and failure. On the other side, there is joy, love, happiness and success
  • If you stand still, you won’t experience any pain, rejection, sadness and failure
  • But you won’t experience any joy, love, happiness and success either
  • You can’t live under a bridge. Eventually you have got to come out
  • What you end up doing is finding that little comfort zone. You are only willing to experience so much pain, rejection, sadness and failure so you only experience so much success, joy and happiness
  • This is becoming a comfort zone and you are not willing to stretch yourself out of it and people wonder why they are not getting greater results
  • You can’t push the pendulum on the side of success. But you can push it on the side of failure, on the side of rejection, on the side of defeat, on the side of pain
  • So your job is to go experience as much pain, rejection, sadness, defeat and failure as possible. Push the pendulum high and wide on that side
  • I promise you. It will swing back in equilibrium

In conclusion,

1. STOP doing (what fools do)
2. Master the FEW
3. Out FOCUS
4. Out LAST them (consistency)
5. MEASURE progress
6. Out FAIL your competition

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