Searching for Happiness

Most of my readers probably will know this concept but a reminder sometimes helps. Time and again, I see articles on the happiness being the north start of our lives and almost always next we are encouraged to seek ways to find happiness. What makes you happy is the question we are asked. We are supposed to spend time on hobbies, things and people who make us happy. Even children and teenagers are consistently probed as above, on the basis of which they should determine the future of their professional and personal lives. Happiness is a choice.

My personal view is that I should not be seeking answers to the above questions. Sometimes just a choice of words can create entirely wrong paths for spending lives. Happiness is not something that can be created out of thin air. The feeling of happiness is a function of certain chemicals produced in our body, depending on our past and present states of inside and outside worlds. Nobody is going to find the love of their life each week, nor is anyone going to hit a jackpot that keeps increasingly exponentially.

A better word I think is peace. Peace with what comes in our life, be it good or bad. This is probably the same concept as Buddha’s avoidance of craving and acceptance of what there is.

One lesson people learn late in life is that very few things can be left on our emotions. If we are betting on things, people and hobbies to make us happy, then we are treading on dangerous waters here since change is the only constant in the world.

In conclusion, if you need a reason to be happy, you’ll seldom be happy. Be at peace with everything, every person and situation. For me, a smile works like magic in settling an equilibrium inside and makes me feel that everything is okay.

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