Reading Books without Bookmarks

This is an interesting little habit that has helped me significantly over time. When I am reading a book, I never use a bookmark to place on the page where I stop at one particular time. The reason behind this habit is that a human brain is not a USB drive where the data is transferred from the source to the sink. If that was the case, it was perfectly sensible to start exactly where one left off.

However, a human mind works through connections and repetitions. So when I do not have a bookmark at the page I stopped, this gives me the chance to skim through the pages and find out where I was. In this process, I have to go through the material I had already read (not completely but a quicker look). This forms the repetition part. Then, when I find the actual target page to start reading, I already have a summarized version of the previous contents. Moreover, I have a glimpse of what is coming next. This forms the connection part.

This is a better way to form longer lasting impression and bury the useful content deeper into our minds.

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