Programming a Person’s Mind

With every word we speak and every action we perform, we are inadvertently programming the minds of the people around us. This is important not only for the parents whose kids are watching their every move and absorbing their each word but all hierarchical structures such as organizations and communities. The employees can also be greatly influenced by the behaviour of the boss even if they are very competent themselves. This flow of unspoken undertones sets long term patterns for the interactions within the structures and growth opportunities of everyone involved. This programming power works in the reverse direction as well (e.g., from kids to parents, from employees to the boss) but to a lesser extent.

With this background, it is enough to be cognizant of the power of our word and moves. When I say something, I am looking into the other person’s eyes with full knowledge that deep into their minds, my words are going to transform their thoughts and behaviour to some extent (even if little). Over the years, this has given me tremendous leverage to influence people around me. And has greatly improved the life of everyone.

Once this information becomes part of your knowledge, there is no going back. You become a part of very few on the planet who can see beyond simple everyday routines of life deep into the possibilities held by the future.

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