Productivity in One Sentence

Long ago, I wrote a post about the core generator of productivity where I tried to extract the main idea in one sentence.

Do the right thing at this moment.

I thought that I have stripped the main idea of productivity to its bare-bones version. With time, however, I realize that doing the right thing at each moment is not easy and there must be something deeper lying underneath this concept. Now I think that I have figured out that productivity in its essence can be described in an even simpler manner and to an ever deeper meaning.

Keep your head down and continue suffering the pain.

So whether you badly want to finish some important task, or are exercising, studying for your exam or running your company, keep your head down and start suffering the pain. That is productivity.

Human body and mind are inherently flexible and quite anti-fragile. But you have to convince the mind that you can live with this much pain. Slowly and surely, some results are achieved which boost the morale and a productivity cycle kicks in. In a nutshell, being OK with suffering the pain is the thing that gets you there from here.

If you think that you cannot handle this pain, recall what Jim Rohn once said.

We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

The pain of discipline is much easier to handle than the pain of regret.

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