Predicting the Future is Possible

Predicting the future is possible

The article is meant to be written in statistical terms in the sense that with increasing number of people, the probability becomes closer and closer to 1. Admittedly, there can be some outliers as a result of good or bad luck.

I discovered that although knowing the future is considered really hard – and in some cases, it can be – but for a normal life, it is not as difficult as it seems. Consider the following questions.

  • If you go and stand on the weight machine now, what is the number it displays? Or the energy you feel in your body. Are these what you should logically have, given your exercise routines and food habits of the past few months?
  • If you open your bank statement, is the last pay cheque the same amount you earned according to the work you did in the past month?

Many similar examples can be constructed in a similar manner, all leading to the same conclusion: what you have today is what you worked for yesterday.

I remember reading the following enlightened statement in a book: Where every person in the world is standing today is the result of exactly the decisions and actions he/she took in the past.

Stated in another way, predicting the future is definitely possible. Future is built on tiny apparently insignificant actions we all are taking every single day. Theoretically accumulate so many of them, and there you have your future openly visible, see the above Figure. This also beautifully aligns with the slight edge philosophy.

I think of it in a way described in a previous post. Take a yearly calendar and at the end of each day, put a green cross on that day if you used it well and a red cross if you didn’t (depending on whatever your priorities and objectives are). Within a few days, if you see more red on the wall than green, something needs to be changed. Otherwise, continue the course or improve it.

Predicting the future is possible

I have seen countless people who are not taking actions that are necessary today and still somehow hope that things will be different for them in the future. The sad news is that it is not going to happen.

Someone might say that it is not predicting the actual future as in the case of stock markets, major world events or political outcomes. But think about it. When it finishes, where you end up is much more important than where the world ends up.

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