A Good Hand

Being members of the same species, all humans have a similar physiological functioning. Due to this reason, we sometimes mistakenly assume that everyone is the same and general purpose techniques for self development are devised by amateurs (including me) that…
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Being Grateful for Being Grateful

As they say, the children do not listen to our words, they simply imitate our actions. As I have mentioned in other posts on gratitude here and here, we have this ritual at the dinner table where every member of…
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Because We Can ….

Android David conversing with Dr. Holloway

In the great movie Prometheus, the android David engages in a very interesting conversation with Dr. Holloway. Holloway: You think we wasted our time coming here, don’t you? David: Your question depends on me understanding what you hoped to achieve…
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Pay with the Right Currency

Right currency

On many occasions, I come across a young man or woman who wants to learn a subject or master something. More often than not, they are looking for a shortcut, or at least a straight cut (e.g., a single book,…
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A Little Foolishness Helps

It is usually assumed that wise and far-sighted people can accomplish any project better than the rest. While it might be true in general, I have observed that having a certain dose of foolishness goes a long way towards achieving…
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For Relations Around Us

Train station

Every day I am going to my city office on a train. I am returning home in the evening through the same route. Each time I see an ocean of people around me in the train station. I see the…
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Fruit of Patience

Olive tree

While reading my son’s science lesson, I came across a fact about the Olive tree. It is one tree whose first fruit appears after at least 30 years. However, once it starts giving fruit, it continues for centuries. In today’s…
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Save Resources

In an age where we have so many on-demand services available, we completely forget where we came from. We press a switch to turn on an electric light, turn on the tap to have water flowing and click on a…
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Developing a Character

Recently, I had a chance to read a great story in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series for moms which you can find below. I remember well the day I realized I had a true mother here in the…
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My 4-1 Rule of Dealing with Everyday Losses

4-1 rule

Loss aversion is a term in cognitive psychology and decision theory which was identified by Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman who along with Amos Tversky established a cognitive basis for common human errors. It refers to people’s tendency to prefer avoiding…
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