The Lean Startup Summary

In his book The Lean Startup, Eric Ries introduced the build-measure-learn feedback loop as a guide for modern startups. Some of the key takeaways of his approach are as follows. Introduction Lean startup method: 1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere 2. Entrepreneurship…
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A Summary of The Obstacle is the Way

Ryan Holiday wrote a book The Obstacle is the Way which had some interesting points to note. A brief summary of the book is as follows. I. Perception: How we see and understand what occurs around us — and what…
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Nurture Shock

Nurture Shock is a great book for parents of young children. And I highly recommend it since the lessons learned through this book can go a long way in raising confident, well-mannered and persistent kids. Some of the key points…
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A Summary of Essentialism

Highest points of frustration vs contribution

In this post, I list some of the most important points in Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. If you don’t choose your priorities for yourself, someone else will do it. People are effective because they say…
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Capitalize on the Flow


During each productive pusuit, a zone is reached when we are coasting at our full potential and our interface with time and space gets significantly distorted. This is the flow zone that occurs often during some serious hard work or…
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Eat More or Eat Slow

In most of the aspects in life, we associate enjoyment with more. In this post, I will discuss that this is seldom true. Take food for example. When we are hungry or really like something, we focus on eating it…
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Two Lessons I Learned from My Father

Father and son

I am a very different person as compared to my father. We have completely different maps on how the world works and how a beautiful life fits into this picture. However, I have learned two lessons from him which over…
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Extending the Life Spans

In a previous post, I mentioned how there is a time to do more of the useful stuff and after rolling the ball according to an essential roadmap, there is a time to do less of the useless stuff. Then…
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Why We Should Avoid Social Media During a Break

Imagine that you live in a developing country and you earn your income through working as a labourer. Your profession requires you to carry heavy stuff from one place to another. Or you are a construction worker who spends his…
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