Practicing Compassion

The topic of a previous post was practicing compassion for children. Now consider the fact that we were all children at some stage before our journey of learning about the world around us. It is straightforward to deduce that all…
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A New World

One night, Mr. J went to sleep in his room at his usual time. However, he was kidnapped by some aliens from a far away planet during the middle of the night. They had blazing fast shuttles traveling at half…
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Justified Blames

When I was a child, one day our teachers took us to a large sports complex for a running competition. Children from many schools were participating and the place was quite packed. My running speed was not the best but…
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Badminton and Meditation

Badminton court

Life in every stage presents a lot of challenges. Students have many subjects to cover, professionals have to juggle many balls to maintain a healthy work-life balance, parents have a never-ending list of tasks, and so on. When a feeling…
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When Sleep can be Bad for Health

One day I took a short break from working on my laptop and shut it down. The computer closed all the documents and programs it was running in the background, erased all of its short term memory and switched itself…
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2 Rules of Anger Management

There are 2 rules of anger management. Admittedly, I fail here often. If I am angry, I am wrong. If someone is angry, they need love. And that’s it.

The Side Effects of Timekeeping

Is it possible that one of the greatest inventions of mankind can also simultaneously act as a great curse for them? In case of timekeeping, I think it is. Long ago, humans wanted a notion through which they could keep…
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Screen Time

I wrote about our screen addiction some time ago. Its effects on children are much more harmful but I couldn’t find suitable words to write a post on it. Now we received a note on this subject from our daughter’s…
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The Top Priority

After all these years, I discovered that our whole life plan should revolve around our health. Health is the sun of our solar system. I remember reading somewhere, “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”…
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Letting Go

Sometimes we feel regret for some mistakes in our life. Or powerlessness about bad things happening out of our control. What is our response? Usually, we time-travel in the past, replay the events in our head, feel the pain again,…
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