Our Place in the Scheme of Things


I was looking for a short and clear video on how the seasons change on earth when I found this video.

In the starting scenes, the sun and the earth are shown surrounded by the rest of the universe. For me, it is a beautiful scene to watch. Our Solar System was formed 4.6 billion years ago from a giant interstellar molecular cloud. Regardless of how large it seems, it is actually a dot in the grand scheme of things.

According to the excellent book We Have No Idea, you are one of 8 billion people, out of 9 million species, (in a solar system consisting of a sun and 8 planets), around one of 100 billion stars, in one of many billions of galaxies, clumped into clusters, forming superclusters and structures of unthinkable size.

In this scheme of things, when I realize that how small our planet is, and then how small we ourselves are with respect to time and space, and then how large our egos are, I feel a strange sensation. The more we connect with the reality, the more humble we tend to become.

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