Our Desires are Heating the Planet

This is a post I wanted to write in extraordinary detail. However, my main focus has been to deliver content in short and readable form, so I will keep it to the point as well.

It is strange to believe that a desire generated in my heart (actually head) can heat the planet but it is true. Let us see some examples.

  • Shopping: It is easier to think that we are paying for all the new stuff we buy. However, the reality is ugly. We buy new clothes, gadgets, cars, even toys, and all this stuff is dangerous even if the store gives it for free. It has been manufactured in some part of the world using material and energy resources that pollute the environment, in addition to eating up what is left of the resources (they are definitely more than enough now but not infinite; generations will come who will not have access to these luxuries). Then, there is heaps of effort that goes behind fulfilling the demand and supply needs of the material involved, not to mention how mining destroys the natural habitats. Furthermore, all these goods are transported from the manufacturing area to the rest of the world using transportation that emits gases harmful for the environment. If you think you are one person, multiply yourself by 7.5 billion and now imagine the effect! If we stay away from buying what we don’t need, we will play our part in applying brakes to this madness.
  • Controlled Temperature One cultural burden our generation has been brought up with is that whether we are in our offices, homes, shopping malls or any other indoor areas, the temperature around us should be a comfortable one. While I have already said about it a few times, it is self evident anyway.
  • Food: Again, it does not seem much but generating, transporting, administering and disposing off the food for 7.5 billion people is not a small burden for the planet to bear. When I see great efforts made just for satisfying people’s taste buds, I feel short of words. Probably it is difficult to see where it ends. But eating in moderation is good for our healths anyway!
  • Internet: 4G is blazing fast and 5G will be faster than many wired connections. But do we really need them at the cost the planet is paying them for. Our Facebook likes, YouTube videos and WhatsApp sharing is certainly less important than billions of dollars spent on maintaining and cooling the datacenters around the world. The base stations for our cell phones that cover a great part of the world now continuously burn energy to provide us with more material our brain does not need and click baits we could have easily lived without. 20 GB no, 40 GB no, 70 GB data plans are in now and probably 500 GB by the time you’d be reading these lines.
  • Transportation: Greenhouse gases add up in the planet when we fly or drive. It would certainly be good if it is in moderation and in balance with the planet’s needs. But in excess, and millions of people overdoing it can damage the planet as well. Just for the record, more than 100,000 flights take place per day!

You might think that any one of the above points is not that dangerous for the world but then multiply its effect with billions of people and it might start making sense.

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