On Dealing with Problems

For most of my life, I thought that dealing with problems requires a big heart and an attitude to keep doing the work. Then, I came to know something better. Dealing with problems does not require keep pushing in the same old ways. You don’t have to overcome them. You have to use them in your favour.

Challenges are everywhere. There is no life without them, except probably in the graveyard. Facing them head on is good too as you will still progress. But the process at worst can burn one out and at best not optimal. Even in the best case scenario, a lot of unnecessary energy and time can be saved if those challenges are faced with an open mind and an eye for solutions. As they say, constraints spawn creativity. Handle the problems in the same manner.

Imagine you’re playing a tennis match. If the opponent returns the ball on your forehand, you will think of a certain way for winning the point. However, if the return is on the backhand, you will not force yourself to go on the forehand and try the same shot. You will adjust accordingly and might win a point more easily in addition to demoralizing the opponent.

Since I have started thinking in this manner, I have noticed that new problems always bring new solutions and interesting angles I would never have thought of before. Think in this way next time you face a difficulty and the result will surprise you.

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