New Problems are Your Friends

Imagine a life where you get up and take similar actions every single day. A typical workday would be same travel time, same workplace, same return time and same relaxation routine. In fact, you don’t even have to imagine, most of us spend our entire lives like that.

That seems not bad, except for the revelation that this kind of lifestyle doesn’t get us anywhere. Your life ends within your comfort zone. Think of a guinea pig running in circles all the time.

When you are creating new problems in your life, you are pushing the boundaries of your circle of influence. When problems arise, understand that you are interfering with smooth sailing of the universe around you. You are stamping your mark on it which results in your growth and achievement.

A few examples:

  • You have never explored the area around your house. One day, you drive in random directions. You might get lost, or reach home late, but you might find a library, a sports ground and recreation center, a finding that can change the course of your life in terms of providing opportunities for excellent mental and physical health.
  • You have been renting your current accommodation and then you decide to buy your own house. This would start with a detailed research of what to look for, continue with detailed tours and analysis of your housing market, and end up with a heap of legal documents, not to mention subsequent relocation troubles. Every step in this process will drain your energy but the end result of all these new problems will be a new house.
  • A new baby arrives in the family resulting in months of sleepless nights and an unmatched level of responsibility. But he or she might be the only one on your mind when the death time comes.
  • You are an entrepreneur and start a new company. Needless to say, your livelihood depends on new emerging problems waiting to be solved.

Remember what Darren Hardy said in his secrets of success:

Life is like a pendulum. On one side of the pendulum, there is pain, rejection, sadness and failure. On the other side, there is joy, love, happiness and success.

If you stand still, you won’t experience any pain, rejection, sadness and failure.

But you won’t experience any joy, love, happiness and success either.

You can’t live under a bridge. Eventually you have got to come out.

What you end up doing is finding that little comfort zone. You are only willing to experience so much pain, rejection, sadness and failure so you only experience so much success, joy and happiness.

This is becoming a comfort zone and you are not willing to stretch yourself out of it and people wonder why they are not getting greater results.

You can’t push the pendulum on the side of success But you can push it on the side of failure, on the side of rejection, on the side of defeat, on the side of pain.

So your job is to go experience as much pain, rejection, sadness, defeat and failure as possible. Push the pendulum high and wide on that side.

I promise you. It will swing back in equilibrium.

Don’t treat new problems as undesirable. Welcome these friends with a smile.

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