My Little Teacher

I found that my 2 year old son (and all kids in that age) has some insightful lessons to teach me. Some of the lessons I learned from him are

  1. He has this incredible gift of undivided attention and focus: When he interacts with me, he only interacts with me. When I interact with him, in parallel I am either constructing a list of upcoming tasks in my mind, or a list of steps for a particular task. No wonder he enjoys doing ordinary activities even more than I enjoy doing my favorite activities. That is also the reason why we tend to like people who give us their undivided attention and focus.

    This also makes him present in the exact moment he is living. And that’s why his laughs seem to originate straight from the heart. On the other hand, regardless of what we are doing, a certain percentage of our mental resources are involved with either past or future.

  2. He finds happiness in little things: Most people would be quite happy with a million dollars, but he seems to achieve the same or higher level of delight by just playing outside. Maybe children come equipped with a special interface to connect with nature, which we gradually throw away by consistent neglect while growing up.
  3. When he goes to sleep, he just falls asleep and remains so for hours. Such a sleep is a foundation for a happy day. Obviously he does not have responsibilities, worries and goals but I think that one of our biggest challenges is to do our best during the day and detach ourselves from everything completely during the night. Maintaining this balance is essential to human well-being.

I am very grateful for having such a teacher with hands-on wisdom. Look around and you will find many such teachers as well.

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