More on Nothing

Long ago, I wrote a post about having nothing as a must-do activity in a day. While I am still not very clear about the importance of this practice, I value it more and more as I see everyday examples around me.

While writing a book, I observed that writing too much text on a page leads to the loss of the key message within the crowd of words. On the other hand, if I draw nice and clean figures with a lot of white space around, I can easily convey the meaning in a more appealing manner. The white space on a page actually invites us to engage with what’s there.

In some expensive furniture shops, I also saw less quantity of furniture being displayed with a lot of empty space around each piece. While this empty space seems like a waste of the real estate, it actually makes us focus on the single piece within that area. Quite understandably, the price then is 10 times higher than what one would find in a regular shop.

Sometimes I think that this is also true for the relationships in terms of the duration of silence two persons engage in while around each other. It is not really necessary that one only enjoys around a person who continuously entertains us or makes us feel happy. As long as the silence is properly utilized, it is a healthy part of a strong relationship whether it is with a spouse, a family member or a friend. Sometimes just being present with someone under stress has a strong effect on their wellbeing.

When I go to play cricket on weekend mornings, I always try to enjoy silent periods within the game (which appear frequently in cricket) to look at the bright yellow sun, lush green grass and shiny blue sky. I feel that it does wonders for my mental health and recharges the battery for the whole week.

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