More on Controlling the Anger

Once I wrote a post on two rules of anger management. I had these rules as one of my daily notes in my Evernote and I read it every day for years (which I think is one of the ways to program the brain). I felt that I am getting angry for a lesser and lesser amount of time.

I also realize that this one trick is not always enough. Most people want to control their anger but they fail. If not often, then at least on occasions they wish they hadn’t. Now I have come to know that controlling the anger is like trying to grab the hand of a monster. Even if we temporarily succeed in doing so, the monster still has another hand to punch and two legs to kick us hard.

What are this other hand and the two legs? In my opinion, these are arrogance, jealousy and a capacity to hate others (even if we don’t do that at all times). These negative emotions fill our souls with poison and make much harder for us to improve. It should also be remembered that we tend to label people with these things but they are present in all of us with varying amounts. So being natural, there is nothing wrong with their presence. The only question is how to dominate them.

The clue comes from the analogy of carrying a bottle of acid that we can toss anywhere we like. If we don’t have that bottle, we cannot throw the acid around. Similarly, it is difficult for anyone to get rid of negative feelings as they are a part of us. What we can do, however, is to fill our souls with love and happiness. If we try to become more forgiving and empathetic, we will build our positive muscles. Slowly, these positive inclinations will fill our souls to an extent that there will hardly be any room left for the negative ones.

At that time, it will be much easier for us to control our anger as well.

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