MOOCs or Not

Long ago, I wrote about MOOCs making it easy for anyone in the planet to learn almost anything at will. This can accelerate the rise of knowledge and problem solving capabilities of the humandkind at an unprecedented rate.

It seems that MOOCs have not fulfilled their promise of revolutionizing the education industry and left the potential of (at least) millions of humans not fully realized. People argue that the universities are and will remain the cornerstones of our education and can never be replaced by the MOOC model.

In my opinion, there is something happening under the radar that is missing the mainstream attention. What I think is happening is the following. Let’s divide the students into A, B and C categories. Then, the universities will remain there to satisfy the educational requirements of these A, B and C students. However, A+ students almost have, and will permanently in the future, gotten rid of the university model. What universities teach in a semester, they can learn in 2 weeks at their own lightning pace. Moreover, they are free to discard a number of courses they find useless.

Having this knowledge from a variety of sources will accelerate their intellectual growth. These A+ students are the people who will fill the top roles in the industry and businesses, while category A, B and C students will keep paying the universities for this purpose and continue to fill the middle to lower roles. For this purpose, the universities are there to stay.

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