The earth revolves around the sun completing a cycle in 365 days and this continues for approximately 70 times in an average life. Personally, I think of earth revolving around the sun as a merry-go-round ride in a park where everyone gets a fixed number of rounds (on average, we can say that this number is 70). This is shown in the Figure above.

This is an analogy that can enlighten us in 1001 ways if we want to. However, if I think which one is the most important, I can single out something I explain below.

Most of us spend our lives according to the external expectations. Starting in the childhood with what parents want, the journey continues in the teenage with what looks most cool (it’s funny to note that this expectation is set by other teenagers around). Next in order, the attraction of the opposite gender, peer pressure in the professional life and other expectations by society take their turns. In all this complexity, the ride finishes so many cycles around and one never gets the time to stop and wait for what is most important and enjoyable to him/her.

So the most unrewarding thing in life is doing things to satisfy expectations set by others. Take a moment to stop, reflect on your preferences, determine what holds most value to you, plan your life accordingly and maintain a balance between enjoying this ride and gracefully completing your allotted cycles. And don’t forget to give 0 weight to others’ opinions about you. Eventually biggest losers are those who live according to others’ opinions and care about an image to maintain.

Think about it. How many times do we think about others when we’re enjoying such a ride in a park? Instead, we focus on the moment and take the best out of it. That is exactly what needs to be done every new day standing on earth for a ride around the sun.

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