How to Make an Experience Especially Memorable


I have noticed an interesting phenomenon which I think that everyone else would have observed at some stage of life as well. Sometimes we are passing by somewhere and experience a particular smell, it acts like a pointer to the memory in our brain and recalls the time when we had experienced that smell in the past. For example, if we had a habit of walking in a rose garden, and many years later, we smell the same roses, our brain will immediately evoke pleasant memories of that time into our head.

So if you enjoy a particular routine and you want to bury it deeper into your mind, you can wear a particular perfume before going for that activity each time. Do not use that perfume somewhere else. Many years later, when you will wear that perfume again, you will immediately be thrown back into a virtual world of that experience much deeper than a regular memory recall.

Since I like playing cricket on Saturday mornings the most, I use a particular deodorant before going to the ground. And don’t use it anywhere else. I hope that many many years later, I will buy that deodorant again and will replay the delightful memories of playing cricket in the sunny mornings under a beautiful blue sky with pleasant wind blowing around.

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