Looking into the Rear-View Mirror

Rear-view mirror of life

A few days ago, we were going somewhere in our car when suddenly my daughter said: “Papa, you should drive faster. All the cars are overtaking us.” I explained to her that it’s not all the cars overtaking us, rather we can only see the ones that have overtaken us. If I look in my rear-view mirror, I can spot many more of them behind.

This made me thinking that the same is true for life. We can only watch the people racing ahead of us in something particular, be it the career, money, health or looks. We tend to feel ourselves inferior and jealous of the supposedly superior ones. However, a bigger picture would reveal that probably there are many many more people on earth who haven’t been blessed with the kinds of blessings we enjoy. Taking them for granted and envying those on the top upsets our tranquility. There is nothing wrong in working hard to achieve big goals, actually it is quite commendable but time and again, we should also remember to have a look into the life’s rear-view mirror to keep things in perspective.

Human thought process over many millennia has reached a general rule that a happier life comes from within. It is never a product of outside circumstances.

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