Little Help Matters

During exercise in a gym, I have noticed that just a little hand from someone can make me lift a far bigger weight. In pullups, for example, after I get exhausted and a buddy just places his hands under my bent knees, I feel much comfortable in getting many more done. The same goes for bench press or squats with weights. I have also felt the same while climbing the stairs quickly. When I place my hand on the rail, I can go faster with less effort from the legs.

I realize that this is true in other areas of life as well. Sometimes we think that a little help to someone in a huge difficulty might not matter much and all we do is sympathize with them. However, we never know how far our help can go in determining their success in coming out of that time. Without exaggeration, sometimes a little smile to a random stranger on the road can straighten many things up for them.

This is definitely where 1 + 0.1 = 2 or more is true. If life gives you a chance to help someone, do something even as little as it can be.

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