Limitations of my Mind

My previous home was around 1.2km from the train station. I used to walk to the station in the morning and evening which took around 12-15 minutes, spending really good time in fresh morning air and thinking the solution to any one of the several problems at hand. It was a good time walking through green grass under a clear blue sky and a bright yellow sun.

Then, we shifted in a new home located in another area where the distance to the new train station is 5km. I had the option of either driving the car to the station or taking the local bus. That was too boring, a waste of time for me (no exercise, no reading) and I was sort of missing those lovely walks.

One day I had to think about the solution to a problem and I just kept walking home from the new station. Well, it was just 50 minutes away. I thought if I could walk faster, I could cover it in 35-40 minutes which was a good exercise that could bring me all the benefits mentioned above. Then, I regularly started either walking or running all the way home from the station, on average once a week. Now it seems quite normal and in fact very refreshing to me.

This made me think how we are conditioned by our minds to think within certain limitations. How did I reach the conclusion that the station was too far away? If I stretch this concept, in which other areas of life am I thinking within set limitations? What if I can break free and expand my possibilities, that only comes by thinking in a bigger sense?

Maybe with some adjustments, I can spend more time with my children. Maybe I can earn more money for them. Or maybe I can run much longer than I currently do. In any case, it is interesting to know that our physical and mental capabilities, driven by our brilliant brain, are also handicapped by the same brain.

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