Importance of the Right Tools

I have always tried to be consistent in anything I do and taught my children the same lesson whenever I could. One day, my car was parked at a railway station and some kids in the neighbourhood heavily spray painted its side in red. Just by looking at the paint, I knew that no amount of my consistent wiping will ever take that off. I had to find a proper way to do this job.

I bought acetone, put it on a cloth and rubbed it over the spray paint. And it was off in a flash. There, I realized the importance of the right tools for a task. Great habits are the cornerstone of any achievement but having the right tools is very very crucial as well.

Their significance is ever increasing with the advancing technology. Every task of mine, whether be in the office or at home, requires some hardware or software tools. They make the job so easy, fun and relaxing that now I try to think of the right tool/s for that purpose before starting anything. Ignore that on your own peril.

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