How to Start a Speech

Recently, I watched a very interesting talk on YouTube on 3 effective ways to start a speech. Although many of my readers probably would know these techniques but it is important to understand that their influence goes beyond a mere speech. These are also effective when you are having an important conversation, e.g., with a spouse or a circle of friends because grabbing their attention in an affirmative way at the start is like overcoming the biggest inertia of a rolling ball (or imagine a car in the first gear).

Here is the video.

  • 3. A question that matters to the audience: Phrase this question faced by the audience in an elegant manner.
  • 2. A fact that shocks: For example, there are more people alive today than have ever died. Or every 2 minutes, the energy reaching the earth from the sun is equivalent to the annual usage of all the humans in the world.
  • 1. Like we start a story to a child: Once upon a time, … tell a story from your own life. For example, why this topic is important for you or how someone’s life changed in a particular manner.

Having said that, keep in mind that starting a speech well is not a license to go ahead and bore the audience for the next 30 minutes with your content. The above mentioned methods are just hooks to grab the attention of the audience and there is no harm if you keep bringing one or the other in your speech after intervals of a few minutes.

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