How to Capitalize on YouTube Ads

Avoiding YouTube ads is probably one of the biggest problems humanity is facing today. Paying for YouTube Red is probably a solution but most people would prefer something else. Nevertheless, Google has to make money to make those engines running.

In my opinion, the solution is so simple that you might momentarily find it ridiculous. However, when you think about it more, this is a good win win situation for both Google and You. Here it is.

When an ad runs on YouTube, you should mute the ad (or take the headphones off your ear), close or blink your eyes, look somewhere else and start breathing. When the ad time is approximately over, go back to watching the video again. It will keep giving the necessary revenue to Google but more importantly, it will give a break to your eyes, brain and body. To eyes by closing or blinking, to brain by engaging with the surroundings, and to body by the movement of neck.

YouTube ads are not bad. They are here to make sure we get sufficient breaks from binge screen watching.

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