How to Become Competitive

In some areas, I have been a quick learner in my life. Obviously there are many reasons behind each event and the results thus generated. However, looking back on my strengths where I can see that I have succeeded more often than I have failed, one common denominator is the following: You have to look down on your competitors, not in the sense of becoming arrogant and disdainful but in the sense that you should think of yourself as better skilled, more energetic and more motivated. Just like nobody will respect you if you don’t respect yourself, one will lose more often if one thinks of oneself as being inferior and others as being superior. There are no superheroes, just ordinary humans with often the same kind of fears and doubts ringing in their minds as in yours.

Never tell anyone when you think in that way but be clear in your mind about your superior edge.

  • Be humble in your talk but not in your thoughts
  • Be hungry in your desire but not in your attitude

And then back it up by delivering your 110%. You will win more.

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