Having Correct Role Models

One day I saw a person advertising something at Melbourne Central station. While I was sneaking past him, he stopped a person walking by to explain about his product and potentially acquire a new customer. A usual reaction to such an uninvited approach is that we ignore the caller and just walk straight ahead. This target customer, however, stopped, showed his watch to the advertiser and told him how quickly he needs to get somewhere. All of this was done with full respect in a manner similar to we talk to a relative or a friend.

Most of us usually avoid the uninvited salesmen and negatively view them approaching us. On that day, I learned a thing or two about how we should deal with persons and situations we want to avoid. This is what I will do next time as well.

I also realized that a role model is quite a good thing to have in life because it is difficult to do something we have never seen anyone doing before. Setting great role models in a society is then a really good way to motivate young and old alike. In a connected world, this is unfortunate that actors, singers and sports persons are big role models while charity workers, scientists and politicians who actually solve the problems in a society lag far behind. I hope that this situation changes with time and we value the correct role models adding real values in our society.

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